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(*this and other great blogs can be read at the sister site,*) We all have to get dressed. These clothes are either GIVEN to us, or we PURCHASE them. How many of you have been humiliated, either intentionally or unintentionally, fat-shamed or just made to feel inadequate due to an uncomfortable size that society deems ‘unhealthy’. Well fret no more! The world has some savvy companies who have come up with a way around this. Personalized, customized, boxed clothing JUST FOR YOU! Now, you may be thinking this is too good to be true. Boxed clothing, for starters, doesn’t give the best image. You probably imagine garage sale style stuff all thrown into a box, and usually smelling pretty bad. Not in this case! . RoseGal is the perfect place for the beautiful plus-size gals out there who dread the fitting room. I worked the fitting room at a well-known retail store. A woman came in to try on a top. She came out and asked point blank, ‘Do I look fat?’ My first thought was total crickets. Never before had I been ASKED if someone was FAT. I honestly loathe that word unless it’s being used to describe food. I told her ‘it looks a little snug. You may want to go up a size.’ She breathed a sign of relief and went back to change. I thought ‘oh my god. Some rude person told this lovely young woman that she was FAT!’ I don’t get it, I really don’t. If one of your anxieties and panic attacks are caused by(possible)fitting room humiliation, I recommend . Not only can you purchase outstanding quality, beautiful clothing for a reasonable price, you can ALSO get home decor. This site caters to men as well. Packaging may be in a decorative box or colorful pouch.

Women Love Makeup! (Or maybe just a few of us like a little of it)


As women, ‘society’ demands we wear makeup, whether we want to or not. Whether we’re stay-at-home moms or employed. I don’t know about you, but my mom didn’t work outside the house until my youngest sister started school. I was in 6th grade when she started preschool and my mom became a teacher at her school. It was actually a church my mom had grown up in, and all four of us were baptized in, so she wasn’t a stranger to this building and its patrons by ANY means. She didn’t wear makeup unless we were going to church. I remember her standing in front of the lit-up makeup mirror, putting on mascara and using the eyelash curler. I was in my early teens at this point. Then….she just stopped wearing it, or at least wearing as much. I HAD makeup, but I didn’t actually start to wear it until my early twenties. I was a tomboy stuck in a blossoming female. The girls I went to school with wore it. I guess I didn’t because I didn’t want the attention. I wasn’t liked much by my peers, and knowing my luck they’d have made fun of my attempts. Because EVERY girl between 8th and 12th grade is a professional makeup artist RIGHT off the bat.

(Unless your mother or someone in your family is a makeup professional, then all bets are off)

When you look at makeup, what do you see? Colors of the rainbow. Jars. Tubes. Sprays. Pencils. Crayons. Just LOOKING at a makeup display can make your head spin. Your makeup choices can either make you look magnificent…..or so traumatizing you never do it again. Or somewhere in the middle.

Teen years are clearly where the experimentation begins. My first makeup pieces were leftover lipsticks and blushers from my mom. I wasn’t allowed to use mascara or liner. I want to say that no girl who hasn’t started her period should be allowed to use anything that deals with the eyes. But I also know that girls have different experiences with this, so it’s always up to the parents. I was told not to because of eye infections. Then later in life, I developed eye issues that left infections in the damn dust.

I will never tell ANYONE what they should or should not do. I only give advice and comments. You were born with a brain. USE IT.

Does anyone remember the ‘metrosexual’ phase of the early 2000s? It was the idea that men were allowed to ‘look’ like they take care of themselves. Pre coming-out-of-the-closet, I call it. Where straight men could get manicures and pedicures. I actually had a conversation with a salon stylist about this. Her husband was a metrosexual. Thinking back, how many ‘metrosexuals’ were using this as a backdrop for coming out or prepping themselves for the transgender movement that was slowing gaining speed? Like the show ‘Will&Grace’ showing the world that being gay isn’t a bad thing. Not long after that, ‘Queer Eye’ came out. Makes you wonder.

Anyway, women have always been led to believe that makeup is the only way men will find you attractive. And at some point in time, this may have been true. In case you didn’t know, marriage wasn’t about love. It was about survival. You married, had children, grandchildren. The race survived. I remember reading about a girl in her teens who was married to a much older man. She didn’t love him. She was told she would learn to. I know this goes for a lot of cultures overseas, but this was actually a story. That’s all I remember.

It’s entirely possible that modern makeup was a means of attraction. Like a peacock with it’s plumage. I’m not a historian, so this is pure speculation but it DOES make sense. So assuming that’s the case, it worked up until women decided to wear it for THEMSELVES(what a concept)I’m gonna take a stab and say this was the 1960s when the boring typical colors were outshined by the bright yellows and oranges of the 1960s. Then you had neon of the 80s and 90s. Now….there’s really no limit to color. As for nail polish, I really can’t comment. Up until recently, my nails never grew. Now that I’m on a multivitamin, I have long nails for the first time EVER.

Nowadays, you have two ways of getting your makeup. In-store and online. Not only that, but different ways of purchase. As in the beauty box.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Birchbox. FabFitFun, Target Box, etc. They’re boxes with sample packages of makeup and skincare. Stuff that you may never get otherwise due to lack of availability or never thought about. And not skimpy stuff, either. We’re talking high-end. I won’t say what brands, so you’ll have to look that up for yourself. It also gives you a chance to see what they send. It’s a monthly box and you get your choice of makeup, skincare, nails, etc. It varies by box as well. I get Birchbox monthly and FabFitFun every season. FabFitFun is pricey, but SO worth it. If you DO like what you get, I believe you get the option of buying the full-size. With all the options you get, chances are you’ll never get retail brand again. Five or six items for around $20? Birchbox comes in a small, shoebox-size box. FabFitFun comes in a giant box perfect for a cat. But FFF sends more than makeup. It sends little trinkets. In my last box, I got a small porcelain earring dish from PierOne. You get to choose a few times for your box, but a majority for the monthly is a surprise. Unless you get a specific box, like one that’s JUST nails or JUST makeup or JUST fragrances. Take a look at them! You’ll be happy you did!

In this generation, makeup is still hit-or-miss. But with the growing population of transgender, I expect to see more men wearing it. Though with the older generation of ‘have-tos’ are either slowly shedding that concept and going bare-faced, or they’re sticking with what’s comfy. And that’s fine. Now, it’s all about comfort. If you don’t want to, don’t. But if you have the feeling you want to wear SOMETHING….I’d go with a natural tinted lip gloss. You STILL have color, but just enough to let YOU know it’s there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Ellie