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(*this and other great blogs can be read at the sister site,*) We all have to get dressed. These clothes are either GIVEN to us, or we PURCHASE them. How many of you have been humiliated, either intentionally or unintentionally, fat-shamed or just made to feel inadequate due to an uncomfortable size that society deems ‘unhealthy’. Well fret no more! The world has some savvy companies who have come up with a way around this. Personalized, customized, boxed clothing JUST FOR YOU! Now, you may be thinking this is too good to be true. Boxed clothing, for starters, doesn’t give the best image. You probably imagine garage sale style stuff all thrown into a box, and usually smelling pretty bad. Not in this case! . RoseGal is the perfect place for the beautiful plus-size gals out there who dread the fitting room. I worked the fitting room at a well-known retail store. A woman came in to try on a top. She came out and asked point blank, ‘Do I look fat?’ My first thought was total crickets. Never before had I been ASKED if someone was FAT. I honestly loathe that word unless it’s being used to describe food. I told her ‘it looks a little snug. You may want to go up a size.’ She breathed a sign of relief and went back to change. I thought ‘oh my god. Some rude person told this lovely young woman that she was FAT!’ I don’t get it, I really don’t. If one of your anxieties and panic attacks are caused by(possible)fitting room humiliation, I recommend¬† . Not only can you purchase outstanding quality, beautiful clothing for a reasonable price, you can ALSO get home decor. This site caters to men as well. Packaging may be in a decorative box or colorful pouch.